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Website marketing by Pay Per Click advertising (PPC)

The quickest way to get your website to the top of search results is via Google advertising (called AdWords) otherwise known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. These are the 3 results in a Google search that come at the top of the page, above a pale grey line, and with a small yellow box beside each website . It also includes the websites that are listed down the right hand side of the page.Google Adwords or PPC Advertising

For your website to come up as a sponsored link in Google requires starting a Google advertising program called Google AdWords. This involves determining the search terms or keywords relevant to your business and website, and also used by most people in Google searches, and then bidding against these. The highest bidder’s website comes top of the list with the next two highest bidders websites also positioned at the top of the page in order of their bids.

The rest of the websites bidding on the same keyword then follow in order down the right hand side of the page of search results.

PPC for Fast Results

The main advantage of PPC advertising is that it can

be turned on and off at will making it ideal for creating an instant boost to enquiries and sales.  This also means that PPC advertising is ideal for seasonal campaigns and product/service launches.


Unlike just about all other forms of advertising, PPC advertising provides detailed feedback so you know exactly what results your advertising and expenditure are achieving. For example, it is possible to see which keywords and key phrases are attracting the most interest and resulting in clicks through to your website (visitors) and how many clicks you are getting per day, week or month. The cost of these clicks is also known precisely and you can set your budget to get any number of clicks/visitors per month. By putting simple feedback measures in place, it is possible to know exactly how much extra sales revenue a PPC advertising campaign is generating. You can’t find out this information with newspaper, magazine, radio or TV advertising!


PPC campaigns need to be optimised over time so that they become cost efficient. This cannot be achieved at the out set and so we initially set the daily budget to a low-ish sum and then increase this as the campaign efficiency improves. Optimising PPC campaigns is a skilled process and without optimisation you can simply throw money away with PPC advertising. Some of the features we need to look a are cost per click (CPC), average position, advert wording and Quality Score, negative keywords (to block unwanted searches), etc.


Below are 2 examples of our website marketing activities on behalf of different types of client. They show the results that can be achieved by Pay Per Click advertising (PPC). On the SEO marketing page there are examples that show the results that can be achieved by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The examples also demonstrate the wide range of companies that we do website SEO and PPC marketing for - from SOHO traders, through specialist car dealers to large organisations.

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Website Marketing Success Stories - PPC

PPC Website Marketing Example - City of London Banking Software Firm

PPC Website Marketing Example - Marketing Co.

Google Adwords - PPC Advertising Campaign for Ingenious Inflatables Google Adwords - PPC Advertising Campaign for Message Automation

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