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Website marketing by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The fact is that to get a website to come high up in Google search results without using PPC advertising is not easy and requires perseverance and continued investment in online marketing. No matter what line of business you are in, there will always be other websites in the same field competing to get to the top position in Google search results in just the same way as retailers compete for the best location in a town - say on the high street. In short, your website needs to be optimised (by SEO) and promoted so that Google puts you higher up in search results than your competitors websites, against the precise search terms (keywords and key phrases) that are best for your companies products or services.

Designed with SEO in Mind

If you choose Clicks Marketing to build a new website for your organisation, you can be sure that your website should do well in Google search results, almost from the outset. This is because we recommend that a comprehensive package of SEO features be included in the building of your new website. In fact, all of the websites that we have built so far were designed and built with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind, as after discussions with us our clients recognise the benefits of SEO. SEO - Search Engine Optimisation of Websites

Key SEO Features

The key SEO features that we include in any new website or any SEO campaign carried out on your existing website are: carefully selected Keywords, optimised Title and Description Tags, Alt Tags, optimised text content, optimised URL titles, search engine friendly Site Maps, etc.

In addition, we can add quality inbound links to your new website and run the website through Google Webmaster Tools and various other SEO scanning tools to make sure that the website will develop as a higher visibility in search engine results as your budget will allow.

Website Marketing Examples - SEO

Below are 3 examples of our website marketing activities on behalf of different types of client. They show the results that can be achieved by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). On the PPC marketing page there are examples that show the results that can be achieved by Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, in these cases using Google Adwords. The examples also demonstrate the wide range of companies that we do website SEO and PPC marketing for - from SOHO traders, through specialist car dealers to large organisations.

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Website Marketing Success Stories - SEO

SEO Website Marketing Example - Financial Software

SEO Website Marketing Example - Inflatable Structures

SEO Website Marketing Example - Sub site for a major PLC

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation for the Heathrow LHD Car CentreSEO - Search Engine Optimisation for the Resuscitation CentreSEO - Search Engine Optimisation for the Sophia Weddings Ipswich, Suffolk

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