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Web design

Micro-Net offer professional web design with the specific objective of building web sites that are functional and get results. In most cases, this means selling more products or services via the web sites we have built for clients.

10 Years Experience

We provide a web design service for many of our existing IT clients in both Ipswich, Suffolk and Central London, and we have many years of web design and Internet marketing experience. Indeed, we designed our first web site more than 10 years ago! In fact, Clicks Marketing are happy to provide a web design service for any company anywhere in the UK and we have web design clients in London and even one based overseas.

Most clients have some ideas about what they would like their web design to look like and we are happy to listen to your ideas and preferences and incorporate them as far as possible in the final web design.

Corporate style

For example, your new web site design generally must match your company’s existing corporate colours and style and also incorporate your existing logo, etc. You may also have seen a web site design that you like and you would like us to incorporate some of the features of that web site. At Clicks Marketing, we take a flexible approach to web design and we offer guidance wherever we can to achieve your objectives for your web site.

Good Content

The key to success with your web site is the quality of the content, i.e. both the text and the photos, and we can’t emphasise this enough! It’s much easier to optimise a web site to achieve a good position in Google and be a commercial success, if it has good content.  With the above in mind, we always try to remember your objective for your web site, for example, to get more sales, and we know that a functional and efficient web design with good built-in and ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will achieve this more readily than just a pretty web design.

Functional Design

Good examples of this are Amazon and eBay, both are hugely successful web sites, but neither are particularly ‘pretty’, instead they concentrate on being functional, and of course they have invested heavily in ongoing and successful SEO. Both companies are now household names and two of the most widely recognised brands in the world and they achieved all this through their functional web designs and SEO.

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Website Design Examples

Just two of our latest designs:

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